Eraclea is the “Pearl of the Adriatic Sea”. It is a council in the province of Venice, which are in the Veneto region.

One of its good point is that it is a really good and peaceful seaside resort, collocated in a uncontaminated green nature.

The cost is made of fine sand and its length measure 4 Kilometres. Not so far from the sea it could be possible to get a wonderful pine forest.

This characteristic pine forest is made of more than 3.500 adults pine.
Eraclea is a famous seaside place, so for this reason it is protect from the excessive noises and from the frenetic performance of the modern life. All these things make tourists very happy to spend their holidays in this heaven on Earth.

The beach of Eraclea is well-know from the city dweller as “L’Isola del Mort”, a sort of Laguna. In the year 2003 this beach has been declared from the “Legambiente” ( which is an association in order to protect the environmental condition in Italy but also in the rest of the world) one of the 11 most beautiful beaches of Italy.
The beach of Eraclea is one of the biggest beaches of the Venitian Litoral, so for this reason it can put up many and many tourists. It is an ideal place for children where they can enjoy themselves.

Holiday: a mix of sea and relax between the walls of Eraclea

All these characteristics make Eraclea one of the most famous seaside resort of the Veneto region. It is likes also by a huge number of international tourists that are always careful of the quality life and also of the security of the family. Come to Eraclea does not only means spend a holiday on the sea, but it also means relaxing and enjoying for adults and children.

Naturally, with a such green and uncontaminated nature that surround the walls of the city and with a such quality ambient, in all the area of Eraclea city you can find a lots of tourist structures (accomodations), such as: camping site, Bungalows, hotels, residence, house for holidays, apartments rent, Aparthotel, Bed & Breakfast, more and more.



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